Phoenix Patchwork Pouch

This fun phoenix patchwork pouch started off life as a collection of misprints and material scraps. In textile printing you are always going to get misprints: sometimes you roll on the paint/ink too thickly, sometimes the material shifts at the wrong moment or your hand might twitch the moment you’re putting the inked stamp down on the material, yay. Unfortunately, knowing anything can go wrong doesn’t make you feel any better when it does happen. I can’t stand wasting material so when I get misprints I will either sell them as discounted seconds or I will see if I can somehow create something different from the misprinted material which removes or transforms the fault.

The orange satin in this pouch are the corner pieces of an altar cloth on which the circular phoenix piece had not printed correctly. The blue phoenix piece was from a pouch on which I had accidentally printed one half upside down. Ironically I still ended up using one of the phoenix pieces upside down but now it was part of the design so that made it okay.

You can take a look at my Phoenix Altar Cloth page to see what the cloths look like before they are transformed and to read a little about the symbolism surrounding the mythological phoenix bird.