Pixie Gen Logo and Christmas Cards

2020, Digital Painting

Mmmmm gingerbread, one of my favourite winter treats!!

The logo on these cards was originally designed to use on my hobby boardgame Instagram page. After creating it, I thought it would be great on Christmas cards so I transformed it into this festive design.

This gingerbread faerie card is great for any wintery celebration, be it Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah or other special day you cherish! The snowy dark green cover of the card is decorated with a gingerbread faerie and fly agaric toadstools. The inside of the card has more fly agaric toadstools and gingerbread men. The inside of the card is left blank so you have complete freedom over the message you would like to send to your friends and family.

For those who love board games, not only is this just a gingerbread faerie but this is a gingerbread meeple faerie!!! For those not as familiar with board game terminology, a meeple is a small playing piece that traditionally has a stylised human form the same shame as this faerie.