Shakespeare’s London: A Travel Tour Leaflet

Acrylic paint, pencil sketching, Photoshop

A few years ago, I made a special trip to London to do research for a couple of projects, of which this was one of them.   After having done research in books and on the internet, I specifically sought out locations associated with William Shakespeare and his time.  London being such a large and diverse city I also naturally stumbled on some places by chance.

I created a leaflet inspired by these places which has an atmospheric illustration on one side and practical information on the reverse.   I noticed in my research of travel illustration that a lot of work didn’t particularly reflect the city’s atmosphere, but more just features of the city. This is why I really wanted to create a travel brochure/pamphlet that gave an atmospheric view of the city and it’s past.

The locations included in the leaflet are: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Southwark Cathedral, The George Inn, The Rose, Westminster Abbey, Shakespeare’s Bust (A memorial to the editors of the First Folio), St Bartholomew’s Gatehouse and Priory Church St Bartholomew the Great, the V&A, Middle Temple Hall, the Staple Inn and London Walks.