Legend CD Cover Design (Unofficial)

Acrylic paint, digital editing, hand bound book with different paper types

This CD Art Book was inspired by the band Clannad’s album “Legend”. It was also the Soundtrack for the TV-Series Robin of Sherwood from 1984-1986. I have always loved this CD and the TV-Series but felt that the CD cover designs didn’t particularly captivate the atmosphere of either. So I designed my own interpretation as a personal project.

Before starting the illustrations for this CD Art Book, I carefully analysed the music, TV series and lyrics. I found that each song was connected to either a particular character or scene in the programme so I connected my artwork in the same way. I mainly based the cover on the atmosphere of the album, the characters in the TV-Series and on the lyrics of the last song: “Ancient Forest”.   The book as a whole takes you on an atmospheric journey through Sherwood Forest.

There are two types of pages in the book:  tree pages and character pages. The trees were printed on semi-transparent paper to create more depth and perspective in the forest. The characters were printed on plain paper.  If you like you can watch the video below to get a better impression of this.

This is not an official CD Cover for the band Clannad’s album “Legend” and is purely a fanart piece.

Here you can view a video demonstration of the whole book.
Apologies for the poor quality, the video is a little old and needs to be remade.