Spiral Goddess Altar Cloths

This range of altar cloths features the Spiral Goddess and Triple Moon and ivy motifs. The original Mother Goddesses are a symbol of the Divine Feminine and have strong connections to creation, rebirth and eternity. The Mother Goddess is a very ancient goddess: statues of her have been found that have been identified as to originate from before 20,000 BC.
The spiral is often combined with the Mother Goddess in Neopagan religions to create a Spiral Goddess. The Spiral itself stands for eternity and the journey in life and spirituality. It is also very important in the theories of Divine Geometry and therefore beauty and perfection in creation.
Ivy, like the spiral, is a symbol of eternity which stems from its evergreen colour and strength.
The corner pieces show the Triple Moon: The Waxing, Full and Waning Moon. These three moon cycles together are also associated with the three life stages of womanhood: Maiden, Mother and Crone.

This design originally started life as a custom cloth design for a friend. Since then I have created more than 100 items using these stamps, to the extent that I have had to re/carve the corner piece. I have printed these Spiral Goddess and Triple Moon stamps on a wide colour range of altar cloths and pouches. I make these either for my shop or as special custom creations for commissioners.

I have also used the circular Spiral Goddess stamp to create convertible travel altar cloth pouches, the circular cloths shown above. When these are pulled tight around the edges with the cord they form a pouch in which a few small altar pieces and tools can be stored. In turn, the pouch also functions as an altar cloth when lying out flat. Great for when you´re on the go but want a quiet moment to yourself.