Pentagram and Roses Altar Cloth

This altar cloth was inspired by two symbols: the pentagram and the spiral. These two ancient symbols both date back thousands of years and their meanings are varied. The pentagram is a five pointed star created out of one continuous line of which it’s bars are all equally long. It often represents the four elements: earth wind, fire, water and the fifth element of spirit. In Neopagan religions it is also often associated with the Goddess, this was more the angle I took. Amongst all the meanings a spiral can have I personally most associate it with life and creation.

I have taken a slightly different approach to the classic pentagram: it is imperfect and doesn’t have equal angles but is in fact made up of five sticks bound together with a rosebud spiral wrapping its way through the star. I chose to add roses to the design as to me these are a perfect natural representation of the Goddess: soft and beautiful (flower) but also harsh and protective (thorns). Roses are also associated with one of my favourite goddesses: Aphrodite the Ancient Greek goddess of love.