Moon Gate Pouch

Traditionally a Moon Gate is a feature in Chinese gardening, although there is also a great abundance of them in Bermuda. A Moon Gate is a circular gate or doorway in a wall with a path leading through it. It is said to symbolise joy and happiness, so naturally a great addition to one’s garden. I think they are so magical and I always get a tingly feeling when I see one. That kind of feeling I am looking at a portal to another world. (Or maybe I have simply watched too much Stargate.)

I carved the actual stamp for this pouch during the super moon/blue moon of January 2018. To me, the Moon Gate symbolises a mystic voyage and peace and happiness therein. Our dear dog Ozzy died on the 4th of February 2018 so to me my Moon Gate stamp was very much created for him.

Here are a few variations of my Moon Gate Pouch but my favourites are always the ones with the sparkly spray. Sparkles!!! First I spray the textile with metallic textile spray paint. Once that has dried I print my Moon Gate pattern over the top, this part I do on my etching press.