Mjollnir Pouch and Acorn Rune Set

I really loved creating this oversized Rune bag as a gift for my little brother Phoenix. I hand printed and made the pouch so that it was large enough to hold the rune set and a casting cloth. I gave blank wooden acorns to Phoenix, so that he could wood-burn the 24 Runes of the Futhark onto them himself. The cloth is soft and padded so that the round acorns don’t go everywhere when they are cast.

The print design for the pouch was based on the legendary hammer of the Norse god Thor, a weapon which is also known as Mjollnir. Thor is often associated with thunder and lightening, but he is also the god of trees, good weather and crops. The tree he was particularly associated with was the oak, presumably due to the common occurrence of oak trees being struck by lightning. As Thor travels through the air, summoning thunder and lightning and wielding his mighty hammer, he rides a great chariot pulled by his two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr.