Heraldic Dragon Pouch

One year when scouting for gift ideas for my brother for Christmas he requested a DM screen featuring a dragon for playing Dungeons and Dragons. The DM (Dungeon Master) controls the story in the tabletop roleplaying game and generally has lots of notes and dice rolls he needs to keep hidden from the players to prevent the story being spoilt. That’s when the DM screen comes in handy. It is generally a small screen to sit on the table made up of three a4 sized panels. So I started drawing out dragons and I very quickly realised that without a lot more practise a high fantasy dragon just wasn’t going to happen. So I decided to go down the heraldic dragon route. In the end I was inspired by shields of heraldry and by the sigil of the great Arthur Pendragon, also known as the legendary King Arthur.

After creating the DM screen I used the stamp to make these oversized pouches.