Hand Printed Tarot/Dice Pouches

My hand printed pouches inspired by Nature and Mythology are available at my Etsy Store (some of these designs have sold out).

The first things I usually do when designing my printing stamps is make a pencil sketch.  Then I keep drawing until the lines are thicker and the design is suitable for carving.  Once this is finished I scan the image so that I can mirror it in the computer and potentially resize it.  I then print out the image and cover the back in Siberian Chalk.  This way I can use the print like a carbon copy by placing it on the lino and tracing the design.  Then I colour the design onto the lino with a permanent marker.  When all done I carve the stamp, this can take anywhere from an hour to ten or more, depending on the size and intricacy of the stamp design. Then the stamp is ready for printing onto textile.  I use a roller, a sheet of glass and textile paint to ink and stamp and I then print it using my etching press. 

So that's the printing process, then I still have to set the textile paint and sew the pouch.  I select matching lining and sometimes brocade and sew it all up at The Stag's Head Studio.  Then it comes to one of my favourite bite: picking the ribbons and beads to finish off the pouches!!!

These pouches are great for all sorts of things but my customers usually buy them as Tarot Card pouches or Dice Bags.

The designs shown here:

Phoenix, Bird from Greek Mythology

Stag, My favourite Animal!

Bastet, Egyptian Goddess

Triple Moon and Ivy, Associated with Wicca and Paganism and the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone)

Acorn, designed especially for my brother Phoenix

Glastonbury Tor and White Spring with Copper Spray design

Horus, Egyptian God

Embossed and Painted Leather Gullinbursti, Boar from Norse Mythology

Cernunnos, Celtic God

Huginn and Muninn, Ravens from Norse Mythology (The red was monoprinted on, I painted the red paint on to a sheet of glass put the fabric on to and pressed down to get a unique print.)

Glastonbury Tor and White Spring

Winged Scarab with stencilled Golden Sun

Embossed and Painted Leather Bastet, Egyptian Goddess


The Green Man, A European God often associated with Cernunnos

Anubis, Egyptian God

Spiral Goddess, An Ancient Goddess

Yggdrasil, The World Tree of Norse Mythology

Tree Rings

Embossed and Painted Leather Chalice Well with crochet details