Pentagram and Roses Altar Cloth

This hand printed Pentagram and Roses Altar Cloth and other altar cloths are available at my Etsy Store.

I hand printed these altar cloths with a hand carved circular Rose Pentagram stamp and a Roses and Pentagram corner piece stamp on my etching press.

The altar cloth is double sided: one side is shiny sage green coloured cloth with black print and the other is pink coloured taffeta with black print. This way you get two altar cloths in one. 

This altar cloth was inspired by two symbols: the pentagram and the spiral. These two ancient symbols date back thousands of years and their meanings are varied. The pentagram often represents the four elements: earth wind, fire, water and the fifth element of spirit; but it is also often associated with the Goddess, this was more the angle I took. I personally associate the spiral with life and creation.
I have taken a slightly different approach to the pentagram: it is imperfect and doesn’t have equal angles but is in fact made up of five sticks bound together with a rosebud spiral wrapping its way through the star. I chose to add roses to the design as to me these are a perfect natural representation of the Goddess: soft and beautiful (flower) but also harsh and protective (thorns). Roses are also associated with the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite.