Moongazing Hare Altar Cloth

This hand printed Moongazing Hare Altar Cloth and other altar cloths are available at my Etsy Store.

I hand printed these altar cloths with a hand carved circular Moon Gazing Hare stamp and a Lunar Moth corner piece stamp on my etching press.

The altar cloth is double sided: shiny silver coloured cloth with blue print and deep blue coloured cloth with white print. This way you get two altar cloths in one.

This altar cloth was inspired by the Moon Gazing Hare. Here it is accompanied by the full moon, stars, moon flowers, jasmine and lunar moths.

In ancient times it was the belief that if you witnessed a moon-gazing hare, it would bring good luck, rebirth and abundance. The Moon-Gazing Hare in itself is a symbol of the fertility of Spring and shows us that the Sun is going to be returning once more.