Mola Rotunda Game Pouch

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This two-player windmill game was originally played by the Romans and has been found carved into ancient stones. The game was known as "Mola Rotunda" (round millstone). Two players take turns to each move their pieces with the aim to get your three pieces in a row using the central point.

The hedgehog design for the pouch was inspired by Pliny the Elder's (an Ancient Roman author and natural philosopher) view on hedgehogs. The hedgehog is a Roman symbol of knowledge. Pliny the Elder said that hedgehogs would kick grapevines to make the grapes fall to the ground. They would then roll in the grapes to impale them on their spikes.

The game comes as a handy hand printed jeans fabric pouch so you can take it with you wherever you go. The pouch is hand printed on both sides with black textile paint: one side shows the Roman hedgehog and the other side is the board for the game. The prints were made with hand carved lino stamps and textile paint, they were printed on my etching press. When the pouch is completely open it has an approximate diameter of 30cm.

The playing pieces for this pouch are semi-precious gemstones: three rock crystal pieces and three green aventurine pieces.