Sacro Nectare Art Print


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-The print is in portrait format.
-The dimensions of the print are 210 x 297mm (A4)
-The print is hand signed with my monogram on the front.
-The title, artist name, and year are hand written on the back of the print.
-This is an unlimited print and has therefore not been numbered.
-This print comes unframed.
-Please be aware that this listing is only for the print. None of the props used in the photos are included.
-This print is wrapped in cellophane to protect it against moisture during travel.
-The print will be sent in a sturdy card envelope or in a card box if sent with other bulkier items.


“Sacro Nectare” is originally a piece of digital art created in 2021 by Imogen Smid. It was designed as the sigil of an Druidic Order I created for my character in Dungeons and Dragons. The Order of Sacro Nectare (Sacred Nectar) is split into two halves: those that tend to the bees of the order and those that tend to the digitalis plants of the order.

Although the print is originally fantasy inspired it makes a lovely addition to any nature loving household.


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