Licht CD Cover Design (Unofficial)

Drypoint etchings coloured digitally. The book was hand bound.

This CD Book is inspired by the music album “Licht” by the band Faun. I designed the book for my final exam in my Bachelor of Design study. It is purely a fanart piece and is in no way connected officially to the band Faun.

The stories in the album take you on a journey to different magical places to meet different historical, mystical and mythological characters and to see places of natural beauty.   The songs shed light on the ancient knowledge held within old Pagan culture and the band’s experience of spiritual enlightenment.

With such a strong and beautiful theme to work with, I wanted to create a CD Cover that was more than just a jewel case. I wanted to make a cover of which the design really added to the meaning of the album, so I decided to make a CD Art Book. My cover was made as a 24cm x 24cm circular book to represent a tree from above; the pages themselves represent the rings within the trunk. As you travel from the top branches of the tree down to the very roots, you will discover all sorts of mystical places and people connected to mythology and nature. Trees were important to the ancient Celtic Druids as they held knowledge of many things. This made the tree a perfect symbol to represent spiritual enlightenment and to tie in with the themes of nature in the songs.

This is not an official CD Cover for the band Faun’s album “Licht”. But you can view their website via this link.

Here you can view a video demonstration of the whole book.
Apologies for the poor quality, the video is a little old and needs to be remade.