Royal Bee Pouch with Leather Patch

This design started with a gift for my husband. One of my nickname’s for him is winter bee and his of his for me is summer bee, so of course bee related gifts are always a good thing. I found a artisan crafter who was selling wooden beard combs which, if you liked, could come in a wooden box with a custom engraving. I loved this idea especially as I could add my own design to the box. My husband was thrilled too with his special bee beard comb! Quite a while after, I adapted that bee design for a larger surface by adding extra honeycomb and extra oozing honey. Now I use that stamp for printing textile and sometimes for embossing these hand painted leather patches.

After embossing the bee stamp into a piece of leather I painted the whole thing black. Then I used gold paint to fill in the background leaving only the line drawing in black. Once having added the holes around the edge I was able to sew it to the red taffeta fabric and create this Royal Bee Pouch.