Freestanding Phoenix Dice Bag

This hand printed dice bag and other dice bags are available in my Etsy store.

This special Phoenix dice bag was quilted together using hand printed Phoenix panels (taffeta) and hand printed Winged Myrrh panels (poly-satin). These panels were hand printed with hand carved stamps on my etching press.
The pouch is lined with orange cotton. I finished the bag with orange and blue patterned paracords. These have been tied in a Crown and Diamond Knot.

This freestanding dice bag will hold a lot of dice!!! You can easily fit 14 sets of polydice in this bag and could still fit more in there. Either that, or you could use this bag to contain your war gaming accessories such as dice, a tape measure, laser pen etc. It's size also makes it a great bag for when you need to draw tiles for a game. For an example of size: you can easily fit the tiles from the base game of Carcassonne in this pouch.

The Phoenix is a Greek Mythological creature, but similar concepts also appear in many other cultures. For example in Egyptian Mythology they have a very similar bird called the Bennu. The Phoenix is a symbol of the sun, reincarnation, time, resurrection and consecration. This phouch's prints have a mix of different symbols that are associated with the Phoenix and the Bennu. Here is a brief overview:
-The Phoenix and Bennu took on many different forms with likenesses to an eagle, a peacock or a heron. I based mine mainly on the heron.
-The Phoenix is associated with the Greek sun God and Titan "Helios", the seven sun beam halo is representative of this.
-The bird would fill his nest with spices such cinnamon.
-After building its only funerary pyre, the Phoenix would die in bursts of flame and would then be reborn from the ashes.
-The Bennu is said to create an egg of Myrrh to contain its predecessor's remains.